Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I learn something new every day

That is one thing I love about my life. I really do learn something new every day. In my work (I'm an RN in the NICU at Primary Children's Hospital) we are required to be perpetual learners. Isn't that great! There are always new advancements in medicine and technology. In nursing it is important to follow "best practice" and "evidence based" learning. Not all my ah-aha moments are at work. I learn many things from my children....even more so as they try to bring this old lady into the techno world. I also learn great things from my parents, and of course my greatest teacher is my hubby. He always shares great wisdom and discoveries he has had throughout his day with me, and it enlightens me.
I was thinking about the fact that so often I think, "I learn something new every day," today.... when I learned about Salmon.

Lake Tahoe October 9, 2012
Greg and I are on a vacation in Lake Tahoe Nevada/California. It is fall, our favorite time for a get away, until winter, when January is....if it is to somewhere warm! Anyway, we decided to rent bikes and ride along a bike path. There were scenic stops along the way. One was at Taylor Creek that feeds into Lake Tahoe. We happened upon a great even. The Salmon are spawning! I've heard about it but never seen it before.

So this is what happens. Salmon "spawn" or reproduce in the rivers, and then the after they hatch they swim out to live in the lake. When they are 2-4 years old they return to the river of their birth to "spawn" They have to swim upstream to get up the river to their birthplace. They jump up rapids, and finagle the beaver dams to get to their original home. It's really quite amazing. They find their way by taste and smell of the water and surroundings. The males start to morph. Their mouths become hooked and they get a hump on their backs. All the fish turn a bright red.

Salmon at Taylor Creek off of Lake Tahoe

So besides learning that they return to there birth to spawn, or to give birth again, I learned that after they spawn they die. The creek was full of dead fish. I thought something was contaminated in the water! One guy said to Greg, "I'm glad I don't die after I spawn!" True that!
After they die, the insects and other fish eat them and the circle of life is started all over again.
How about this picture...gross but kind of cool.
Crawdad eating the dead salmon :(

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Taylor is Engaged to Katie

Taylor is engaged to Katie Piel. She's been his good friend since early elementary school. We have loved Katie for years, and so has Taylor. If I could describe Katie I would say:
Katie is gentle
she is beautiful
self-sufficient and hard working
She is quiet, but not shy
She loves Taylor, and that is the most important thing to this Mom

Somethings I hope Katie knows about Taylor, and I think she probably does...

Taylor is one of the most kind people I know
He can be very strong willed, which is a good thing usually
He doesn't like his picture taken
I never understood why because he was the cutest little Tay Tay
and he has grown into a handsome man
Taylor takes pride in his work and works hard

Congratulations to the two of them....we love you both!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fun Surprise

Moms and Dads:

We fed your sons tonight, and they returned the favor by feeding us spiritually.  Thought you might like to see how they are doing.

Brother and Sister Cairns
Twin Oaks Ward
Atlanta Georgia Stake

Thursday, August 23, 2012


This summer went by faster than any I remember.
Too much work and not enough play.
We sent Ryan off on his mission,
Enjoyed our grand daughter
Had some fun vacations, and now it's time to head back to school!
Speaking of school, Lindsey graduates with her masters degree in three weeks! Way to go Lindsey!

Just got back from Pagosa Springs Colorado. On the way we stopped at Arches National Park
I've lived in Utah most of my life, but haven't ever been to Arches, it was amazingly deserty (made up that word) and red rock beautiful. Now I have seen with my own eyes the arches on our state license plates.

Delicate Arch
We didn't get nearly as close as Greg's camera makes it look, here is a better perspective...
That's it in the far background

It was still a nice hike for a chubby mom in 102 degree weather with absolutely no shade!

Lauren took her friend Ally Mears with us. They were so fun to be with. 

We hiked, swam in these amazing hot springs (very stinky though...too much sulfur), did horse back riding, tandem bikes, and explored Mesa Verde.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lava Hot Springs

Just got back from an outing to Lava Hot Springs. Greg and I went with Lauren and her friend Laura Wouden. We camped at the KOA campground....I would not recommend it...noisy with a train that passes every hour or so day and night, and a major highway with trucks that have screechy breaks. Not to mention our site backed the river that made me feel like I needed to go potty all night! But the trip was fun enough to write home about so I will overlook the campsite!
Lava Hot Springs is a little sleepy town in Idaho. There are natural mineral springs minus the sulfur that is often in hot pots. The town has some fun things to do for a quick get away. There is a large olympic sized swimming pool with platform diving boards and water slides. We didn't try out the platform diving boards...too old and too chicken! My sister did it when we were young and ended up with a few stitches...bad memories.

The next thing we did was soak in the hot pools. There is an area that has been cemented in and there are about 6 large hot pools. Kind of like massive hot tubs. They range in temperatures of 102 to 110. They made me a little sick to my stomach after sitting in them for too long, but they were fun, and if it would have been a chillier day I would have enjoyed them more.

The final thing we did was tubing on the Portneuf river. It was a blast. The river is fairly shallow, not to swift, and the hot springs feed into it making the water fairly warm. There are tube rental places all over town. It was swift enough with a few rapids to keep things exciting, but not too dangerous that I was scared. I'd definitely recommend it. I think Lava Hot Springs would be a great place for a youth activity. Either a Youth Conference or a girls camp.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ryan's Farewell

Ryan got his mission call to the Georgia Atlanta mission, and left for the MTC on June 20, 2012. It's been an interesting period of time as he has prepared to get ready to go.
Shopping with a rather OCD child can take a long time. It can cost a lot of find the right suit, shirts, and shoes that feel right! He is a little, okay probably a lot nervous about the whole thing, but I think he will do great!

I made a You Tube Video, and I can't get it to link into the blog, but you can view it from here. These are of friends and family at his farewell.

I am starting a blog for his mission. The link is

Lauren and Ryan in the car on the way to the MTC

She said she is keeping it on her phone until he gets home...that will work as long as she doesn't get her picture taken with Justin Beiber!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It was a great year...hopefully many more to come!

Its wonderful how life evolves. Even though there have been many times I would have liked to make time stand still, it has kept marching forward. I find it doesn't do anyone any good to long for the past, or try to stop time from moving forward. I find that we have to decide each day what we will do to make the next days better, and take time in our days to enjoy the moments we are living and experiencing.
I feel a little sentimental and "old" because I see my children growing up. It seems like such a short time ago I spent almost every waking...and some of the moments I needed to be sleeping, caring for them...loving them, teaching them, policing them, directing them, nurturing them and making sure they were safe, healthy and progressing. Now I find myself with great memories, some regrets, and marveling at who they are becoming.
It is a payday for me to spend Sunday evenings with my family. It seems that is the day we all find time to spend a few moments together. There are other times too, any time I get a few minutes in their busy lives is wonderful! Can't move on to 2012 without remembering some of the great things from 2011...I wasn't a very good poster! I resolve to do better...but here is are some of the important things from 2011.

Cameron's Nursing School Graduation May 2011
  • Cameron graduated from SLCC with a RN degree! Lots of years of studying and working hard to finally reach this goal…..and for an encore, he passed his NCLEX exam and is trying to find a nursing job. Not quite the shortage of nurses that there was when he started studying nursing. Never fear Cam, the job market in nursing ebbs and flows with the economy, I have faith it will turn around! For now he is focusing on his job at the Apple Store at Gateway Mall in downtown SLC. He has been given some promotions and really loves what he is doing there.

Ryan on a "Swamp Tour" in Louisiana
Ryan's High School Graduation...1 month after he graduated from Salt Lake Community College...kind of funny....

Ryan and his friends in Oceanside for his Graduation trip

  • Ryan Graduated from High School and Salt Lake Community College with high honors! He starts BYU in the fall. received a scholarship sponsored by Coca Cola and went to New Orleans, LA to receive it. Greg and I accompanied him and it was an awesome trip! Great food, jazz music, warm weather when we were freezing in Utah…it was a true adventure.
    Greg and Karine--Hawaiian Cruise February 2011

  • Greg and I went on a fantastic cruise to Hawaii. We went with Karine's parents and some other friends...a neighbor organized the cruise, and many people from the neighborhood went. What a way to spend 10 days in February! Wish we were there now. Whenever it is cold here I have warm relaxing thoughts of Hawaii!
Matt and Sharlene's Sealing in the Salt Lake Temple July 1, 2011
  • Matt and Sharlene were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple in July--so happy for them and their cute little family.

    Juliette Kay Romero born Oct 11, 2011
  • Juliette Kay Romero was born in October! We think she is absolutely perfect! We adore her! Matt and Sharlene are such wonderful parents!
Taylor with Juliette...the whole family can't get enough of her!

Cam and Lindsey's dog Bruce...
  • We had a great Christmas. Cam and Lindsey have moved into the basement for a while. Cam's graduation gift was a dog, a puggle, they named, Bruce. He is the most photogenic dog I have ever seen. He has found his way into our hearts and loves romping with Milo and Rocky. They are saving for a house and seeing what job opportunities are best for them right now. It was nice to have them around for the holidays...I think Taylor has enjoyed having his brother back home too!